DataVoice Technologies has you covered when you need a fast, secure, reliable location for your web site.

Fast: We make sure that we have plenty of server resources to drive your site, and then some. Server class machines with the latest CPUs, lots of RAM, and speedy disks let your web site scream under heavy load. Also, our facility has fast connections to multiple backbone providers to ensure that one bad backbone connection does not slow down your sites visitors.

Secure: Man traps, ID checkpoints, and fingerprint scanning make sure that trusted people are the only ones that have physical access to our equipment and your site. We also keep our servers up to date with all of the latest security patches and precautions to make sure that your data is safe and your site stays up and running.

Reliable: With backup generators, redundant power grids, a redundant network infrastructure, and 24x7 monitoring our facility has us covered.

DataVoice hosting packages can include hot new technology for your website. We can offer database servers, PHP, ASP, Microsoft's .NET architecture, PERL, Secure SSL servers and much more. Call or stop in today to ask how we can help you meet your website needs.