Voice Response Systems:

DataVoice Technologies can connect your database application to your users via a phone line interface. Give your customers or employees the information they need from any phone on the planet.
From simple applications such as order confirmation/order status to complex interactive voice applications, we can handle the call. DataVoice can build your in-house application or can host your application in our data center. Smaller applications can be hosted with minimal start-up costs.

Installation Services:

DVT performs installation services for other customers as well as on-premise and in-house repair services. Everything from operating system upgrades, hardware installation, virus troubleshooting and other repair and installation associated with the modern personal computer can be accomplished by our experienced technicians. DataVoice Technologies performs on-site installation services for Qwest Choice TV & Online's high speed data service. DVT has been Qwest's only provider of these services since the inception of the project in 1997. Rates for service depend on the application. Please contact us for rate information.

Networking Services:

DataVoice Technologies performs networking services for many companies in the Omaha area. From simple network installations to server maintenance and configuration, DataVoice can handle the job. DataVoice is versed in Microsoft Windows architectures, various flavors of Linux, Novell Netware and other more obscure operating systems. DataVoice networking services are billed in any number of ways. From hourly time and materials to retainer services, DataVoice has the flexibility to serve your needs. Give us a call. We'll be more than happy to discuss your needs and provide a plan to solve your networking issues.